VMWorld Barcelona 2017 – DAY 1 and DAY 2

Hi folks,

arrived on Sunday via plane in Barcelona with about a hour delay due to high load at Barca airport. Check in at SB Plaza Europe around 11 pm. The location of the hotel is very nice. The Fira Grand Via (the fair where the VMWorld takes place) is in walking distance.

Next day I was very excited to take part at VMWorld for the first time. Got up very early and did a small workout in the fitness center at the hotel. Went for breakfast and again the coffee was the game changer. In addition the weather was awesome. Therefore I used the remaining time to go to the roof and shoot a picture that makes you jealous.

tldr? -> go for the pictures

DAY 1 – Overview and Breakout Sessions


After check in I fetched my ID badge and the way was paved. I headed around and I have to say the fair area was extremely large. As a result you easily walk 10 Minutes from one to the other end. Therefore some impressions:

VMWare Village:

Hall 8 – where the breakout sessions take place:

Attended breakout sessions:

If you will attend the VMWorld in the future I recommend the VMWorld App . One feature is that you can review and change your registration for the sessions. Although it features a map to quickly find the place the action takes place. Furthermore you can directly contact, if enabled in the privacy settings, other participants.

  • Virtualizing Big Data

AI – data science – machine learning – deep learning – self driving cars

training and testing – neural networks – image recognition – fraud detection

YARN – SPARK – or both

HDFS – design decisions – alternatives to HDFS: vSAN – S3 or even NFS

Performance gain through virtualization

  • An Intro to How VMware Products and Solutions Transform IT Security

the old world vs the new complex world – smart home technology run from cloud services

identity management is a must have – refrigerator hacking

every IP device is a security risk

security is part of every IT project

Airwatch – NSX – App defense

security team – CISO – top down

  • The Business Value of Upgrading to vSphere 6.5

aqueducts didn’t last forever too

vSphere is core

uptime, availability and performance – CAPEX and OPEX savings

workload portability

VM encryption

Predictive HA/DRS

OSIS and ACI case study

  • Strategies Design and Best Practices for Delivering DevOps

Devops infinite loop

the best keeps getting better

hundreds of changes at peak usage

what is not Devops

DAY 2 – General Session, Breakout Sessions and Showcase Keynote

General Session: Good Technologists Solve Problems. Great Innovators Create Opportunities

This day started with an awesome general session, a very nice place in the middle front!

Pat Gelsinger is a genius

VMWare strategy

Cloud – mobility – networking and security

Breakout Sessions:


  • Monster VMs (Database Virtualization) with vSphere 6.5 Doing IT Right

Michael Corey impressive and funny guy

Definiton of Monster VMs: >255 Gbyte RAM >8Cores

Project Capstone

Size NUMA Node 40 – 60 % Performance increase

VMware Tools Up to date

Hotplug CPU and Hotadd Memory disabled

Bloating SGA

Predictive HA/DRS

Oracle audits incoming

Baseline – whats the vm doing when its running well

Consolidation AVG – Performance PEAK

one instance per VM vs multiple instances

latency > IOPs

no thin except on All Flash – business processes must fit

2:1 CPU overprov

oracle hyperthreading tax – dont use it in the cloud

CPU ready – CPU costop – right number of CPU – demand vs entitlement

  • Extreme Performance Series: Optimize and Increase Performance Mission/Business Critical Architectures Using VMWare NSX and vRealize Network Insight

micro segmentation – workload isolation – security

eliminating hair pinning traffic flow scenarios

NSX components – logical switches – distributed logical routers

all in the kernel not external

latency sensitive workloads use case

2x faster with NSX than conventional fire-walling

  • VMWare Cloud on AWS: Storage Deep Dive

vSAN on AWS – operational modell

any dev, any app, any cloud

boat device EBS – Cache + Capacity = NVME

2 Data-groups with 1 (Cache) + 3 (Capacity) Drives

smaller impact if failure occurs

NVME self encrypting – vSAN encryption, dedupe and compression not supported yet

customer only has access to customer datastore – vSAN as a service

VM networks are managed by customer – vSAN networks operated by VMWare – patching – updates – upgrades

creating storage policies – I/Os vs costs (RAID1 / RAID5 / erasure coding)

if failure occurs new host automatically provisioned and old host evacuated and returned to AWS

pay as you go 1h / 30day billing

slack space recommended – 25% free for reorg

use case – disaster recovery

several clusters – licensing reasons


EUC Showcase Keynote: Delivering New User Experiences with Digital Workspaces

A really great presentation about empowering the employees.

Increasing worker productivity and device independence – Windows / MAC / Chrome

Workspace One – revolutionizing client management

no relay needed peer to peer distribution of software – seamless integration – really unified solution

Horizon + Workspace one

use case Lufthansa – electronic flight back

business and private usage of ipads

use case DB – replacement of 90000 clients

Samsung DEX integration

we must archive automation – rollback of bad performing apps

timeouts or checkout time

Workspace one mobile flows

boxer mail client


Day 3 and Day 4 will follow 🙂

BR, Nicolas Frey

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