vSAN is the Swiss Knife of Enterprise Storage

The acronym stands for ‘virtual Storage Area Network’. This is a storage service that is provided by in-kernel communication of ESXi clusters with locally attached disks. Data is stored as policy-based storage objects in the vSAN datastore for consumers, like virtual machines and containers.

I love vSAN especially because of its versatility. Since I first came in touch with this future forward solution in 2014 right after its inception and the end of life of vSA (vSphere Storage Appliance). I thoroughly enjoyed learning the ins and outs of its capabilities. Soon thereafter, we identified the initial use-case within the company, more on that later.

The company provided health services all over Europe with strict SLAs. Our team, the system operation center, was responsible for the IT infrastructure of many locations in Germany and the main data centers.

… consequently, my production-ready journey with this technology began.

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